Thursday, 16 May 2013


I am a woman.
It is complexity of gender
Which makes me state emphatically
This most simple of facts.

I am a free woman.
I take a pill to control my body,
To keep it free,
To stop any man owning me for longer 
Than the span of his pleasure.

I am a young woman.
I am careless if not carefree 
I have no lines across my face
I have the future, 
No matter how brief or long
To dwell on. 

I am a person.
Of nature unspecified, 
Of love undersigned 
Of consideration given and taken.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cat Shit.

A suspect smear on speckled lino
Could be mud, chocolate or spilt espresso 
Could be a flaw in the cheap design
But ....

For a moment as I sit and stare
At the litter tray over there
It would be so easy to ignore.
But ....

Gloves on for closer inspection,
Breath held tight in anticipation
Eyes squinting to enhance perception
Sleeves rolled up to avoid contamination 

And ....
Is it .... ?
Wait .... !

But ....

Cat Shit.