Friday 27 September 2013

Sun Stroked

Lying naked in the heat
Dabbing sand into my pores 
With sun speckled finger tips
I let the ocean breeze fill me up
My lungs breathing salty mist 
Onto the last of the land beneath my cheek
And with a lingering sigh of pleasure 
I am dragged mercifully back, 
Back into the foam and the froth 
Back into a warm embrace
Then I am spat back to where I belong
The earth's saliva drenching my body 
Stones bruising my skin 
Back to stand on my feet
Back to walk without constraint 
And the hurricane pushes me on
The salt laced rain knotting my hair 
With weeds and tiny debris 
Other things which no longer belong 
And it is upon me to carry us all away. 

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